An exceptional collection is less the portrait of its net worth, than

the unique realization of an acquired passion, vision and expertise. 



About Marielle de Spa



. International advisor and broker for collection, period, and privately sourced jewels                      
. Consultations for collection, rare and signed pieces, as well as jewels with provenance            
. Curator for international private collections
. Gem & jewellery appraiser for personal property, estate, insurance, and banking valuations     
. Gem identification and authentication expert


. Creating an emotional resonance with our clients through the experience of  acquiring a piece which is truly unique and symbolic

. Obtaining or promoting a jewel beyond our clients expectations within the shortest timeline, and most competitive market conditions

. Building a long-term relationship based on complete trust and confidence


International reach Certified gemmologist and appraiser with 20+ years experience in international client management and consulting assignments for the luxury goods sector

Tailored Approach | Professional advice customized to each assignment. Private viewings and exclusive access to rare and exclusive pieces. Exceptional value and convenience for private inquiries

International e-consignement
. Privately owned jewels promoted on a password protected gallery
. Increased exposure
 to potential offers through our trusted local and international network of buyers and specialists
. Individual pieces or private collections presented for an agreed duration of time, no fees incurred until any piece is sold

ConfidentialityPersonal guidance for any special acquisition or specific jewellery mandate. Consultations by appointment only

Proprietary Market Access  | Privately sourced jewels from trusted local and international partners obtained at optimal market value